Stylized Dungeon

Erik hammarback highresscreenshot00160
Erik hammarback highresscreenshot00161
Erik hammarback highresscreenshot00164
Erik hammarback highresscreenshot00162
Erik hammarback highresscreenshot00151
Erik hammarback highresscreenshot00168
Erik hammarback highresscreenshot00167
Erik hammarback highresscreenshot00163
Erik hammarback highresscreenshot00178
Erik hammarback sculpts1

Zbrush hipoly sculpts

Erik hammarback sculpts2

Zbrush hipoly sculpts

Erik hammarback sculpts3

Zbrush hipoly sculpts of some of tiling wall and floor textures

Erik hammarback highresscreenshot00153

The whole gang. Everything that was used to build the scene.

An environment made during a five week course at Futuregames where the goal of the course was to make a modular environment. Other than that we were free to do whatever style we wanted.

The assignment was 100% individual but we decided on a theme and made a style guide for the environments in a small group. The style we chose was a stylized look but with PBR textures, so Overwatch was the main inspiration. The end result for me personally ended up a bit more realistic than Overwatch, and I also looked a bit at Diablo III for references. We also decided to have some kind of occult raven elements in our scenes, to make them a bit more interesting.

This is my first environment Unreal 4 (or any engine for that matter), and I really learned a ton during these five weeks. A big thanks to Kim Aava who was the teacher and guided us through out the process, and also to my classmates for awesome feedback and input.