Mondi - 4 week game project

Mondi - Trailer

Erik hammarback mondi screenshot 05
Erik hammarback mondi screenshot 02
Erik hammarback mondi screenshot 01
Erik hammarback mondi screenshot 03
Erik hammarback mondi screenshot 04

Role: Environment artist, music and SFX.
Duration: 4 weeks full time

Take control of the very sticky Mondi and find your way up through this broken down science facility.

Mondi is a 3D platformer that was created during 4 weeks at Futuregames. We were four 3D artists (2 environment, 1 tech art and 1 character art), three game designers and three 2D artists. We used Unreal Engine to build the game.

We went for a bit more stylized approach with exaggerated shapes, but still with PBR-texturing. During the project I built models (both based on concepts and where I had to do the design myself), textured in Substance Painter and sculpted some hero assets in Zbrush. I imported and set up the models in Unreal with collision and materials and made sure to follow the decided folder structure and naming convention.

During the last week I also wrote all music and created the sound effects and set everything up in Unreal.

Download and play the game for free here: