Ley Lines - 7 week game project

Erik hammarback leylines ragun erik hammarback

I made the gun, called 'Ra'. In LeyLines you use your gun to interact with the environment and solve puzzles to progress. Concept was made by Max Fröjd.

Erik hammarback leylines ragun2 erik hammarback
Erik hammarback leylines ragun3 erik hammarback

We roughness, metallic and AO into a single RMA texture.

Erik hammarback idbdns

In game. Ley Lines is set inside a huge, ancient pyramid infected by an agressive AI.

Erik hammarback leylines sarcophagus erik hammarback

The sci fi sarcophagus was used as a spawn point for the player. Everything build by me. Concept by Emelie Johansson.

Erik hammarback leylines upgradestation erik hammarback

Left: Upgrade Station that the player interacted with to collect ammo and new abilities. Right: The station that you shoot to active the actual Ley Lines. Concept by Max Fröjd.

Erik hammarback leylines potsandplants erik hammarback

I made some urns and I finally got to try to make foliage for the first time. I really got a taste for it so I'm planning learn the foliage pipeline for real soon.

Erik hammarback leylines machines erik hammarback

Remeber the sarcophogus? These machines were kitbashed together just by using parts from the sarcophogus. The things you do when you just have 7 weeks to make a game!

Erik hammarback leylines stairs erik hammarback

Health and ammo balls. Sci-fi stairs. Also a sci fi platform that was later turned in to a window as well.

Erik hammarback leylines sculpts erik hammarback

Some of the sculpts I did. These were then decimated and auto UV'd in Houdini (sensei Jona Marklund set that up) and then straight to engine.

Erik hammarback cwlgkk

In game.

Ley Lines Official Trailer

Role: Environment artist
Duration: 7 weeks full time

LeyLines is a FPS created during 7 weeks at Futuregames. The team consisted of three 3D artists, four game designers and three 2D artist. The designers and 2D artists had a few weeks of pre-production before us 3D artists came in.

The game was built in Unity and my role was as environment artist. I did all the modeling in Maya, sculpting in Zbrush and texturing in Substance Painter. I imported models and textures and set them up with prefabs, materials and custom collision in Unity. I also did a lot of set dressing in engine after the level designer was finished with the block out. We used Amplify Shader as our material editor in Unity.

During this project we used Scrum as a project management tool, and we had daily standups to plan and structure the work.